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Who is an Architect?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

I personally am a firm believer of that line. Honestly speaking, listening to many relatives tell me how anyone can do what an Architect does at some family function last month is what fueled me into writing this blog.

Not that I was offended as an Architect but I realized how misconceived their ideas were. After spending years studying how to design spaces and then spending even more years after that learning to construct them; it is a viable question whether what an architect does is a layman’s job. If it was that easy then it really makes me wonder why this is even a profession. But many of us know how false that is.


Hence here are a few points that might help clarify their fallacies.

An Architect Is A Professional

Often people underestimate hiring a professional for designing the spaces they live, work or spend time in.

Due to this most of the times, they are left with poorly designed spaces & buildings. They don’t even realize it until all those small mishaps come to the surface one by one so late that it’s twice the effort to undo it.

An Architect is a professional who has the knowledge and vision to guide you through the complete design and build/construction process.

He or she acts as a guiding light when you are building your new dream home, office, school, hotels, restaurants, retail store etc. because of their education, training and experience.

An Architect Does More Than Just Design

They are trained to see the bigger picture considering all perspectives. Architects don't just design walls and roof with some interior finishes.

They create a safe & healthy environment; be it interior or architecture, it is designed to assure the satisfaction of your functional and aesthetic needs based on your living and working style.

Various Services Architect offers:

An Architect Can Get Things Done

Architects Solve Problems. They solve problems that you don’t even know existed or the ones that will definitely pop up in the future if not handled properly beforehand.

Every project starts with proper mapping of the clients’ needs and day to day problems that they face while living or moving in the existing spaces.

Whether you need extra space to keep your winter clothes or your number of employees has outgrown your current office capacity, architects are trained to translate these abstract requirements into physical three-dimensional spaces. And this is done while giving utmost attention to creativity.

Architects can suggest optimum ways and alternate options because of their knowledge of design and construction.

When you have a limited budget, the architect looks for ways to make your project cost-effective and give you the space of your dreams within the reach of your budget.

An Architect Helps You Save Money

An architect's services are a wise investment and not an additional discretionary expense to your pocket.

They possess all the technical knowledge behind designing energy-efficient spaces based on your site location. They know how to achieve the perfect atmosphere for any home.

Everything from the material to designing layouts is proposed such that it is least affected by heating due to the sun and achieves maximum natural ventilation.

All of this in turn reduces the operational cost of your home or office thus benefiting you in the long run.

An Architect Makes Designing & Construction Easier

They develop the drawings and 3d visualization for your project which allows you to get a first-hand look into your dream project.

Not everyone can create the space in their mind based on drawings, hence many a time, a visual representation such as 3Ds and sketches become necessary. Also one cannot forget the technical and detailed drawings required on-site without which the laborers can create blunders.

So instead of assembling something and regretting it later why not relax as someone else makes sure you get your perfect space.

A well-designed home can create a higher resale value for your home, a well-designed store can bring in more customers and a well-designed office can increase the productivity of your employees as well as yourself.

An Architect Knows And Goes By The Book

Designing and building is a complex process and messy process which at times can include a combination of over 90 processes. But don't worry, Architects are the perfect savior for you.

There are hundreds of permissions and laws that need to be followed. So would you rather spend sleepless nights scratching your head trying to figure them out or hire someone who has already done the same?

Architects have knowledge of the bylaws & codes and can help you to hire the right engineers as well as qualified contractors to make the process smooth. They visit the construction sites regularly and keep a check on every little detail. Basically, they ensure that you get the house of your dreams.


There are many more small things that an Architect comprises to a project that adds up to a major chunk of the process. They are the creators who not only design the space but also make sure it is manifested into a reality.

Hope that helps you understand what an architect does in order to create the home or office of your dreams. And if you are an Architect and the next time someone says something like, ‘Anyone can do what you do?’ this article and equip you with all the data you need. In case they are adamant and refuse to understand, forward them the link to this article.

Do you wonder what an Architect does? Did this article clarify your doubts?

In case you are more curious about how an Architect can assist us feel free to write us at

As an Architect do you have stories when you were questioned who is an Architect?

Feel free to share your stories in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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